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Lily's Diary - Chapter 2

Hi all. So sorry I didn't post this earlier like I said I would I just forgot about it.

Chapter 2 – Jacqui’s House


Saturday, 21st August 1976


Well I’m heading off to Diagon Alley soon. I’m so excited about it. Jacqui rang me earlier this morning to double check that everything was okay. We’re gonna get there at 10:30 so that we can go and get some money out for me, plus I gotta ask the barman at the Leaky Cauldron if I can leave my trunk there until I leave with Jacqui.


I’ve double checked all my things to make sure I’m not leaving anything behind. Mum’s come through and checked my room to make sure there isn’t a trace of magic around the house. I’m sure it’ll be okay though, mum’s come up with enough excuses in the past for magical stuff. I suppose it’s getting harder now though. I remember back in first year when we had people over and I’d left my wand on my bedside table. They came through and saw it and mum just said that I was doing an assignment on fantasy for school and had dug out a whole stack of stuff from when I was younger. I also remember when I’d left my Charms book on the kitchen table. Mum just said I loved reading fantasy stuff and that was the latest thing they where doing. Thankful they didn’t look inside the book. Well I’ve double checked and I’m certain there’s no magic around the house that Melissa could stumble upon anyway. Petunia would have to cover it up anyway because she wouldn’t want her friends to know that her sister’s a witch.


Anyway Mum’s yelling at me to take my stuff down to the car as we’ve gotta leave soon. I better go before she has a fit at me. Mum’s always been one for punctuality. It’s normally good but it can get really annoying sometimes.



I’m at Jacqui’s now it’s as amazing as ever. It’s even more spectacular then it was when I was last here. I’ve missed the magical world so much. Diagon Alley was amazing me and Jacqui just went running around everywhere. They’ve got new flavours at the ice-creamery so we hung around there for a bit. I had the Sweet Dream flavour, Jacqui had Sugary Delight. Mum talked to Jacqui’s mum while we went and brought our books for school then we went to the ice-creamery.


The only bad thing was that we ran into those bloody pranksters from school, James, Peter, Sirius and Remus. They were being such a pain, they were picking on this poor first year kid. I mean geez could you get any lower. At least pick on someone there own age. I mean come on, that’s just horrible. The poor kid, I hope they didn’t scare him too much.


Well Jacqui’s now got this huge and absolutely gorgeous bedroom. I think her parents expanded it so there was plenty of room for the both of us. Anyway its absolutely amazing being in a magical house. There’s so much new stuff to discover. Jacqui doesn’t understand why I’m always into exploring her house. I guess she must’ve gotten over it when she was a lot younger. She still plays along with it, and acts all surprised and happy when I find something new. She’s a brilliant friend.


Sunday, 22nd August 1976


Jacqui did well in her OWLs she got ten, which was all her subjects. She got accepted into all her classes too so that’s good. She’s still thinking of going into the legal stuff after school so she picked up magical law this year. She’s been pretty set on that idea for a while now.


I went exploring the house this morning. I get so lost here though. I have to keep remembering everything’s magical and that doors don’t always go where they appear to go. I have to get used to it again. I ended up in the lounge room when I tried to get to Jacqui’s room. Her mums really understanding and helps me out a lot. She keeps reminding me “Now, Lily, remember you have to think about where you want to go to get there. Don’t worry dear you’ll get used to it soon.” She’s very helpful.


We’re going to the Wizarding Carnival on Tuesday. I’m pretty excited about it. Jacqui says it’s there every three years. She’s told me about all the rides and things. I’ve never been to a Wizarding Carnival before so it’ll be an interesting experience. They have a quiditch game on too, so that’ll be good. I love watching quiditch it’s such an exciting sport.


Me and Jacqui had a look through some of our books we brought yesterday. I brought the latest book in the Secret Powers series. I love those books there the best series. It’s all about this young wizard who has to hide his powers because he lives in an entirely muggle village. He’s a really powerful wizard and it’s about how develops that power in secret.


Jacqui reads Muggla. That’s about this muggle girl who goes to a boarding school, but discovers that one of the girls there is a witch who’s living in the muggle world. I like those ones too but I like Secret Powers more. I think Jacqui likes Muggla more because she’s never been in the Muggle world before. Where she lives is mostly witches and wizards. There are still a few muggles but not as many as where I live and she doesn’t associate with them much.


Monday, 23rd August 1976


I met one of Jacqui’s friends from across the road today. Her name was Grace and she goes to Serlin, that’s a smaller school and it’s a little closer then Hogwarts. Grace doesn’t board she goes home everyday after school. She a seventh year and she’s going to do an exchange program when she finishes school. Grace was gonna come to Hogwarts but Serlin opened the year before she was going to come to Hogwarts so she went there instead. All the people in this area get a choice between Hogwarts and Serlin, so Jacqui decided she wanted to go to Hogwarts because her older brother had gone there. Grace is an only child so she went to Serlin.


Grace is coming to the Wizard Carnival with us, so I’ll get to know her a bit better. I got her name and address anyway so I can send her an owl while where at school. Grace is gonna stay over the night with us and were gonna floo to the carnival tomorrow morning. We want to get there really early so we’ve gotta do all our packing tonight.


Tuesday, 24th August 1976


The Wizarding Carnival is today. Were about to head off to it. I can’t believe I’m awake so early – it’s only 6:30. Jacqui’s mum insists that we have a proper breakfast before we head off. I know, I know ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ yeah I’m told that all the time at home too. I guess something’s don’t change in the wizard world and the muggle world.


I was sitting in the lounge room for half and hour before we were allowed to leave at 7:30. I went through my things so many times before we went to double check that I had everything I need; my money, camera, diary, a pen and some snacks. At 7:30 Jacqui’s mum couldn’t stand our impatience anymore and said we could go. The carnival didn’t open for another hour, but we wanted to get there early to beat the crowds.



Well the carnival was amazing. The quiditch game was very exciting. They had the two local teams playing each other. It was the final of there competition for the summer I think. I was surprised when I realised that James was playing chaser on the winning team, they called themselves The Griffins. There were actually a few other Hogwarts students in the team too, though I don’t know their names. I guess I was surprised because I didn’t know there was a competition outside of school. James is a pretty good quiditch player. He mightn’t be all that nice to the younger kids but he’s awesome at quiditch.


The rides were amazing I can’t remember what they were all called but they were incredible – much better than a muggle carnival.  There were so many water rides it was awesome, especially seeing as it was such a hot day. They cast spells on you when you came out though so you were dry again.


We met up with James and his gang after we’d been on a few rides. We all congratulated James on the quiditch game. I don’t like him that much but he is in my year and in another two years we’ll all be leaving the place – I’d at least like to get along with all the Gryffindors. Jacqui decided to challenge them to a race. She decided that we’d see who could go on the most rides before five when we had to go home. We each grabbed our carnival passes and ran off in different directions trying to work out the fastest way to get on all the rides. The boys were at an advantage because they had one more person then us. Jacqui decided that we should go on all the less popular rides now because at lunchtime there wouldn’t be as many people and we’d get on quicker.


Well even though we didn’t win we still had an awesome time doing it. The boys beat us by five rides so it was really close, especially given the fact we were one person short. Just before we left I went and brought some more of the caramel fairy floss. I loved that

stuff. I’m so used to the pink stuff it was amazing to see all these different colours of it. Jacqui and Grace are used to all this but they understand why it’s all so surprising to me and go along with it.




Once we got home me and Jacqui dumped all our things in Jacqui’s room and headed over to Grace’s. Grace chucked all her stuff in her room, and then went and showed us the present she’d got off her dad for her birthday. It was this little mini TV, it was in black and white but it was pretty cool. I think her dad magically enchanted it or something. It looked like an ordinary TV that had been shrunk a lot. I wonder if we’ll ever get something like that in the muggle world that’d be amazing.


Well at 7:30 Jacqui’s mum came over to get us for dinner. I told Grace I’d write to her from Hogwarts. After dinner we went up to Jacqui’s room and talked about the day. I got kindda annoyed when Jacqui asked “So what’s going on with you and James?”


“Nothing, what makes you think anything’s going on I hate him.”


“You used to hate him but you don’t anymore. If you still hated him you wouldn’t have stuck round while we were talking to him.”


“I’m just being nice to him. That doesn’t mean anything. We’re leaving Hogwarts in two years and I want to at least get along with all the Gryffindors.”


“Sure, whatever you say Lily, but really you can tell me if you do like him.”


“I don’t like James Potter, Jacqui now stop it!” 


“Alright, alright.”


I can’t believe she even thought I liked him I mean he’s such a pompous git. I’m just being nice to him because I don’t want to leave and not have gotten to know the Gryffindors. I mean how could anyone think such a thing.


Wednesday, 25th August 1976


Well we didn’t do anything overly exciting today. It’s around a week until we go back to Hogwarts. I can’t wait to go back. It’ll be great to see everyone again. Maybe Jacqui’s right. Maybe I don’t ‘hate’ James anymore, but I’m defiantly not in love with him. He’s starting to grow up though I suppose.


I phoned mum this afternoon. She told me not to send owl’s this term because Melissa was going to be at our house and that would be a little obvious. I told her I’d ring her from Jacqui’s and see if I could find a more muggle way of sending messages to her throughout the term. I asked Jacqui about that and she said that you can send posts the muggle way at Hogwarts, and that there’s a box near Dumbledore’s office were student’s with muggle parent’s can send letter’s if there parents don’t want to use owls. I told mum about that and she said that’d be fine. I don’t think she’d like to go through a term without hearing from me. I must remember to tell Professor Mart not to send owl’s to my house this term. I think there’s a list up in the common room that people can put there names on if they don’t want owls sent to there house, and would prefer letters to be sent the muggle way.


Thursday, 26th August 1976 


We went down to the park today. Grace and her friend Fiona were there so we talked to them for a bit. Fiona goes to Grace’s school. They start on Tuesday, but Grace has to go in on Monday because she’s a seventh year and they have an orientation for the first year students. I wish we’d had something like that at Hogwarts. I wouldn’t have been so scared if we did. Though I suppose you’d miss out on the fun of catching the train with everyone else and missed crossing the lake. Plus the sorting wouldn’t have been a huge surprise if we did have that. I mean I think the surprise of that is really good. It’s funny when you watch the sorting and you see a whole bunch of  really scared first years come in thinking they’ll have to do something horrible, and then you hear that collective sigh of relief when they find out they’ve just gotta put a hat on. I remember thinking ‘a hat what’s that going to do? How ridiculous’ I suppose a lot of first years must think that at first; Even those from wizard families who are told horrible things about it by there family.


When we got back to Jacqui’s her mum told me that there was a letter from Hogwarts for me. That was odd I’d already been sent our letter with all our books and stuff. Oh well I went and got the letter from the kitchen table and opened it to find my new 1976-1977 prefect badge. I didn’t know we got new ones for each year. There enchanted so that it reads Gryffindor Prefect and then changes to read 6th year. James is the other Gryffindor 6th year prefect.


Friday, 27th August 1976


Nothing much happened today. Me and Jacqui just hung around at her house. I went exploring a bit more, but I don’t think there’s much more new stuff to discover now. We watched a bit of TV. Jacqui showed me the Wizarding channels which I thought was pretty amazing. They had like fifty different channels. I showed her what the muggle TV’s like and she seemed to think it funny that there were only a few channels.


Jacqui’s older brother Damin is coming home this weekend. That’s pretty exciting. He works in banking so he travels a lot. Anyway he’s coming home to see Jacqui off to Hogwarts.


Saturday, 28th August 1976


Well we spent the majority of the morning cleaning up the house for Damin. Jacqui’s mum wanted it to be perfect, as apparently Damin only comes home twice a year, so it’s a big thing when he comes home. I felt slightly out of place but Jacqui said that it was all fine, plus he knew I had a friend staying this week.


When Damin got here everything went a little crazy for a while. I just went and sat in the lounge room and let Jacqui and her mum do all the running around seeing as I didn’t know what to do. Damin was a pretty interesting guy. He’s been to heaps of places to establish wizarding banks like the US and Australia. He told us about all the stuff he’s been doing like working out what security measures were needed, and tracking down trolls and other magical creatures.


Sunday, 29th August 1976


It’s three days till we head back too Hogwarts. Damin went into London today because he had to get some stuff before he leaves tomorrow. We went over and saw Grace and Fiona today. Fiona’s a sixth year like us, did I mention that. Anyway she’s doing a couple of courses that me and Jacqui are doing so I told her I’d send her some stuff that we get from Hogwarts. She said she’d send us some stuff too. Grace told us she’d help the three of us out next year. She wants to travel next year, so I don’t know if she’ll be able to but she seems like a really nice person. Anyway we said goodbye to her because she’s gotta go in to school at seven tomorrow and we wouldn’t see her before she left.


Monday, 30th August 1976


Well Grace headed off to that orientation thing this morning. Fiona’s still here and she’s coming around later today. Damin’s leaving after lunch today. He seems like a really nice guy. Anyway before Fiona comes over me and Jacqui have to start packing our things for Hogwarts. I can’t wait to go back it’ll be great. Damin said that we might get a couple of surprises when we get back to Hogwarts. I wonder what he means. He wouldn’t tell us though.



Fiona came over after Damin left and we played a couple of games of wizard chess. I’ve only played a couple of times but I’m actually pretty good at it. Fiona brought over her broom and we went outside and played a game of tag. I’m not that great a flyer, and Jacqui lent me her spare broom. Jacqui plays quiditch on the Gryffindor team, she’s seeker so she’s pretty fast. I lost but it was pretty fun. We said goodbye to Fiona because she starts back at school tomorrow.



Tuesday, 31st August 1976


Well back to Hogwarts tomorrow. We spent most of today packing our things for Hogwarts. Jacqui lives a far way away from Kings Cross station so we have to leave early. Her mum told us to have all our things packed tonight so we wouldn’t be in such a rush tomorrow. We have to drive to the station of course because there’s so many muggles around. As Jacqui’s mum doesn’t have a car we’re taking the Knight Bus. I’ve heard about that. I’ve never been on it though. Jacqui says it’s really fun, but kindda scary at first. I reckon it’ll be interesting. Jacqui said a few of the other Hogwarts students catch it, and they have a special area for the Hogwarts students when term starts. She emphasised the fact that James and his gang all catch the night bus. I have no idea why she’s so insistent that I like him, because I don't.

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