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quick ficlet


“I’m going to change my name,” Sirius announced abruptly as he entered James’ Head Boy bedroom with all the grace of a whirlwind.

Lily and James, who had been talking, both looked up in surprise.

“I can’t take this anymore. I’m disowning him. Maybe I’ll become Sirius White just to show I’m doing it as a gesture to get as far away from Black as possible.”

James would have made a teasing response except he could see that Sirius, for all his lighthearted words was actually much more upset and angry than he cared to show. His half-smile didn’t reach his eyes that stayed as dark and stormy as Sirius’ eyes could get. So instead he just asked rather grimly, “What did Regulus do?”

Sirius scowled. “He and a bunch of his goons were tormenting three 2nd years.”

Lily was halfway out of her seat the moment Sirius stopped talking. “Should I—”

Sirius waved a hand for her to sit down again. “I took care of it.”

Lily didn’t look particularly reassured although she did sit down again. “Took care of it how?”

“Disarmed them, called them asses and sent the 2nd years back to their Common Room with some Fizzing Whizbees I had in my pocket.” He paused, then added with a smirk, “Oh and I temporarily made their robes invisible so they’ll be going around with their underwear in plain sight for the next three hours.”

James burst out laughing and even Lily had to laugh at this very typically Sirius retribution: humiliate the enemy.

“Anyways, thought I’d tell you I’m changing my name. I’m going for a run,” Sirius said, getting up again in his usual hurry.

He met James’ eyes and they exchanged glances, James asking and Sirius replying. James nodded slightly. Padfoot was going for a run.

“I’d ask if you wanted to come too, but I can see you have better things to do, Prongs, old boy,” Sirius added, grinning. “Just don’t have too much fun,” he said, with an exaggerated leer at Lily.

He paused at the door, glancing back at Lily and James. “You know, sometimes seeing you two together is the only thing that makes me believe we’re not already in hell,” he said in one of those lightning-fast changes of mood characteristic of him and in one of his rare moments of being completely solemn, and left immediately afterwards.

Lily and James stared at the door for a moment before Lily said, “He’s crazy, you know, but in a good way I think.”

James grinned. “Yes, he is.”

Lily fell silent, absently staring at the wall across from her, a slight frown tugging her brows together.

“James,” she began abruptly a few minutes later, “how did you end up not caring about the whole Pureblood thing?”

James shrugged. “Not every Pureblood family does care, you know. Me, personally, I never really thought about it until I came here, and then, well, I just saw how wrong it was.” He studied his girlfriend of six months now, his Lily, adding, only half-teasingly, “I can also tell you in just one word why I never believed all that nonsense.”

Lily glanced at him curiously. “What’s that one word?”

“You,” he said simply, pointing a finger at her.

Lily laughed a little and he continued. “You’re Muggle-born and look at you, Head Girl of Hogwarts and the best witch in our year. And then look at someone like poor Simon Dimworthy who’s about as pureblooded as you can get and you’ve got more magical ability in your little finger than he does in his entire body,” he said, referring to a 5th year Gryffindor who would probably have gotten held back by a year at least if it hadn’t been for Lily’s patient tutoring in Charms, Transfiguration and DADA.

Lily smiled, reaching over to take James’ hand. “I love you, you know,” she responded softly.

James grinned. “I do know that. Makes me think I’m really quite an amazing fellow,” he teased. He became sober again in a moment. “I love you too,” he said quietly.

Green eyes met and smiled into hazel ones as for a moment, the rest of the world just faded away into nothingness.

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