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Lily's Diary Chapter 1

Hi all,

Because I messed up before I'm reposting Chapter 1. I'll post chapter 2 tomorrow.



Chapter 1 – At Home


Monday, August 16th 1976


Petunia stole my favourite record. She says it’s hers but she only wants it because I do. I mean by dinner time she’ll be sick of it. She doesn’t even like the band. I hate her so much. I wish I had my own room then she couldn’t steal my things. Anyway hopefully soon she’ll be out of here. She’ll probably go stay with her boyfriend Vernon. That’s why she’s changing schools this year, because she want’s to go to school with her boyfriend.


Mum’s been really upset because me and Petunia fight all the time when were home. I really try and get along with her but she’s just so darn annoying it’s hard.


I got a letter from Jacqui today. She’s invited me over to her house for the last week of the holidays. She said we should meet up in Diagon Alley and then I’ll go to her house and we can go back to Hogwarts together. I reckon that’d be pretty cool, plus mum hates all the magical stuff. I think it’s just too overwhelming for her. Just like it was for me back in first year.


Anyway I reckon I’ll ask mum if I can go. She likes spending time with us, but seeing as Petunia isn’t going back to boarding school this year I think she’ll let me, especially seeing as she doesn’t really like Diagon Alley much.




Well I asked mum and she said I can go, as long as I clear out my side of the room, because Petunia’s friend from her new school is staying here this term, as her parents are travelling. So that’s good it means Petunia will be happy Melissa can come over a week early and I’m happy because I get to go to Jacqui’s.


Well I best write that letter to Jacqui to tell her it’s all good and that I’ll meet her in Diagon Alley on Saturday.


Tuesday 17th August 1976


Well for some reason Petunia’s decide to make every day I’m still here torturous. She’s been a pain ever since she found out I’m going to Jacqui’s on Saturday. I wish she’d just grow up. Why can’t she just leave me alone? Why’s she gotta put as much torture as she can into everyday? It feels like she’s got a plan sometimes. It’s almost like she’s worked out how to annoy me every single day. It’s not as though I do anything to her. I know she hates me because I’m a witch. She thinks I’m a freak. Well one day when I’m finished Hogwarts I’ll get her back for everything she’s done to me over the last five years. I mean it she’ll pay for it all.




I got a reply from Jacqui this morning when I woke up to Petunia’s screaming at me to shut up the owl. I feel sorry for the poor bird, having to put up with that. I do but the poor bird – it shouldn’t have too. I gave Saphi an extra helping of food to make up for it.


Jacqui had written to ask if we could meet at Flourish and Blotts at 11am on Saturday. I’ll have to ask mum if that’s okay. I better ask later though. I think she’s a bit sick of me at the moment. I just had another fight with Petunia, the second one for today, and Mum said if I don’t behave myself for the rest of the day I won’t be able to go to Jacqui’s at all. I guess I’ve just gotta hope Petunia doesn’t try and pick a fight with me. I’m sure she will though. I hate the fact that this all depends on Petunia. She did tell Petunia that Melissa wouldn’t be able to stay here the extra week if I wasn’t going to Jacqui’s so maybe she’ll be a little nicer.




Well we’ve managed to get through most of the day without any major arguments, so things are looking good. I think it might be alright to ask mum now if I can meet Jacqui at Flourish and Blots at 11 on Saturday.


Mum said it’d be okay as long as I behave myself for the rest of the day. So now I’m trying to stay away from Petunia as much as possible so I can’t annoy her. I succeed in this and mum told me after dinner that I could go.


I raced up the stairs and wrote to Jacqui telling her that it was okay. I took Saphi out from the cage I’d put her in for the day, and opened the window to let her out.


Wednesday, 18th August 1976


It’s only three more days until I’m out of here. I know mum and dad mean well but I just can’t stand it here. Petunia just makes life hell for me. Mum and dad are great it’s just Petunia. I know mum and dad have given me a lot and allowed me to go to Hogwarts even though they don’t know much about it. They get letters every now and then telling them how I’m going of course but they don’t really understand it all. I think that’s why I don’t like it here as much, because it’s hard to explain everything. I think I’ll go live in the wizarding world once I finish at Hogwarts. I don’t think mum and dad would be able to cope with having a fully fledged witch in the house, plus the amount of torture I’d have to put up with from Petunia. I wish they could understand the wizarding world but they really can’t. I know they try but it’s still difficult for them to understand.


Oh well, Jacqui’s house will be great. Her whole family are wizards and witches so everything’s magical. Everything’s enchanted it’s amazing. I remember the first time I went there, back in third year when mum and dad went travelling in the Easter holidays. It was so amazing I think I nearly fainted at the sight of all the magic. I wonder how she managed to cope without doing magic. I know I couldn’t have. I remember I had to lock my wand up in my trunk so I wouldn’t do magic. I don’t know how she does it, but I love it.


Jacqui rang me up today. I taught her how to use a telephone in third year while I stayed there. She was fascinated by it and her parents hooked it up using magic so she could communicate with me in the holidays. She wanted to tell me that there was a wizarding carnival on near her house and she wanted to see if I wanted to go. Of course I did, anything that put me back in the wizarding world would be brilliant. I love my mum and dad but the wizarding world is where I belong and it makes me feel uncomfortable in the muggle world sometimes, especially seeing as Petunia keeps making me feel so different.


Thursday, 19th August 1976


Well I’ve had to start cleaning out my side of the room. That has basically meant packing for Jacqui’s and moving anything that I’m not taking to Hogwarts to storeroom downstairs. Mum gave me a whole heap of boxes to put all my stuff in. I started off working out what I wanted to take to Hogwarts and packing all that stuff. Then I headed to the wardrobe and took out the clothes I wanted to take to Hogwarts this year. I then folded up all the other clothes and put them in a box and headed down to the storage room. I hate the fact that I have to do this, but mum doesn’t want the slightest trace of magic around the house when Melissa comes, so she said I have to clear out all my stuff, just in case. I had to take down my OWLs certificate as that was pretty obvious. Mum said she’d lock it up for me. I was so proud of it. I got twelve OWLs which was all my subjects so I was quite impressed. I got the results for them two weeks after school broke up. Mum and dad were really impressed, though I don’t think they understand what it means. There proud of me all the same though.




Anyway Petunia’s laid off me for a bit I think it’s because she’s realised that if we fight I’ll be staying here. I hope that’s it anyway, because I quite like the peace of it. Plus she’s been out with her friends a bit these last two days so she’s not here to annoy me. I hope she stays like this until I leave. She’s not coming to Diagon Alley on Saturday anyway. Mum said Melissa can come over when I leave so she’s staying at home. Hopefully this means that I get a bit of a break from her torture tomorrow.


Friday, 20th August 1976


Well it’s off to Jacqui’s tomorrow. I’m so excited about it. I’m even being really nice to Petunia. I finished all my cleaning up without complaining once, even when Petunia was picking on me and asking, “why can’t you just wave that wand of yours and get all this stuff out of here?”


“I’m not allowed to,” I told her but she just wouldn’t stop


“That’s what you say. It’s really because your so stupid you don’t know how to.” She said. I wanted to hurt her so much then. I didn’t though as mum warned me yesterday that if I got into one more fight with her I wouldn’t be going to Jacqui’s at all.



My Hogwarts letter came today. I was beginning to worry it wouldn’t come before I went to Jacqui’s. We’d only said Saturday because they normally gave you at least a week to buy your things. I got accepted into all my classes, which is good.


So my classes for this year are:

NEWT Charms

NEWT Transfigurations

NEWT Potions

NEWT Ancient Runes

NEWT Herbology

NEWT magical medicines studies

NEWT Muggle studies

NEWT Astronomy



There all the classes I wanted so hopefully I’ll do well. I wonder what Jacqui’s doing she didn’t apply for as many subjects as me. I chose a range of subjects as I’m not to sure what I want to do when I leave. I’m interested in being a healer so that’s why I’m doing medicine, but I don’t know I’ve loved ancient runes so maybe I could do something with that afterwards. She wants to do some ministry stuff I think, she’s really into the legal side of everything. Oh well I hope she did well. I think she wanted to start magical law this year. Anyway I’ll have to ask her tomorrow.



Please tell me what ou think.



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